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Narcissa: Lucius, darling... *dulcet tones, slipping out of the library with a smile*
Narcissa: *has one arm around her mother's book, bound in cracking leather and surrounded by its own aura of shadowed powers and heavy age. The other arm is out, as the hand is cupping something small* I've finished.

Lucius: *Arches his brows.. Okay, no, that should be good.. .* And what, praytell, have you finished, Precious?

Narcissa: *opening her hand to reveal what is, essentially a jewel bug. An emerald with tiny diamond eyes and silver wings, pilfered from her jewelry*
Narcissa: Answers, Darling. Answers.
Narcissa: *lifting her hand to her lips, turning towards the staircase, and blowing slightly towards the back of the jewel bug, which will shake itself off and fly up the stairs, reflecting the light slightly, but so small as to be fairly invisible*
Narcissa: It will wait for the boy to come home, and then it won't let him out of its sight.
Narcissa: Which is our sight.

Lucius: Your mother was a terrible woman. *Utterly pleased!* From where do we view it?

Narcissa: The mirror in my sewing room.

Lucius: You're taking up crocheting again? Or embroidery? *approaching, smirking pleasedly*

Narcissa: Embroidery, I believe. I find that my hands are much too idle in the evenings...

Lucius: Of course. Perfectly reasonable.

Narcissa: *smiles*
Narcissa: I thought so.

Lucius: *Taking up one of those idle hands, lightly..* Forgive me for forgetting how terribly clever you can be, my dearest. *Kiss the knuckles*

Narcissa: No. However, I shall delight in reminding you....

Lucius: I had no doubt you would.

Narcissa: *smiles*

Lucius: *release, fold his arms* And I assume that, in turn, should he be found at something unsavory, I'll be the one.. 'dispatched' to deal with it. *And I get the dirty work, don't I, Mother?*

Narcissa: Of course, darling. You are my arsenal.

Lucius: *.. . smirk* You make me out to be such the brute.. I wonder wherever you got that impression.. .
Lucius: *.. . Merlin I miss being the bad guy, sometimes*

Narcissa: From you, darling.
Narcissa: The fire with which you courted me, the intensity with which you kept my interests... you were practically a militia unto yourself.
Narcissa: *blinking slightly... as if a little unsure where this is coming from*

Lucius: *..straighten his spine slightly*
Lucius: Well. The battle was being waged for a golden prize, dispassion wasn't an option.
Lucius: *A touch uncertain, himself. You may not have been mocking me, for once!*

Narcissa: ... Quite right. *lowering her lashes slightly...*
Narcissa: *ahem* Nor is it, now.

Lucius: *! Lashes!*
Lucius: *.. .right, ahem.* Of course.

Narcissa: I hope that we are wrong about him...
Narcissa: *but I don't think we are*

Lucius: Of course. As do I.
Lucius: *No. Nor do I.*

Narcissa: *sighs*
Narcissa: *and ... will go to put away her mother's book*

Lucius: *All right.*
Lucius: *Follow, at least partway...* It would be best to know for certain, in any case.

Narcissa: Yes. It would be best. /-.-\ I hope that he can be... fixed.

Lucius: As do I, Narcissa. .
Lucius: There will be a way.

Narcissa: Yes. There will.
Narcissa: ... Perhaps we shouldn't have lain our hopes on just one. In hindsight.

Lucius: No. I think not. *.. . stiff, short sigh.*

Narcissa: It is a pity that we can not remedy that lack of foresight.

Lucius: *Can't we? :\ ..* .. . Indeed.

Narcissa: *I got myself fixed*

Lucius: *Right, right. bah.*

Narcissa: Perhaps... if he is irredeemable, truly... there might still be a way.
Narcissa: Do we have the time and resources to raise another child, however?

Lucius: .. .If we didn't have this one to worry about. 9.9 Rearranged still more. . But time is the tricker issue. *Bah.*

Narcissa: It is.

Lucius: There must be some way to budget.. Some rearrangement is already in order, if we're to be delayed on the boy, anyway. . *.. . ugh.*

Narcissa: Perhaps...

Lucius: *I need a get rich quick scheme. Or for some rich relative to die. . . .. . Do I still have any relatives with money? Who I could conceivably force to leave it to me? Hmm.. . *

Narcissa: *sighs again*

Lucius: *does, too.*
Lucius: *I just don't know. Not going to admit that aloud, though.*

Narcissa: *me, neither*

Lucius: *If we can fix the boy, though, he can marry Pansy and we can off her parents and everything will be splended!*

Narcissa: *yes!*

Lucius: *That would be absolutely perfect. . *

Narcissa: *it would*

Lucius: *.. . There'll have to be a way to rewrite him. If we can't gently fix him or keep him in line, and can't get a new one, surely we'll be able to wipe him clean and start over.. . .*

Narcissa: *Yes! We should be able to*

Lucius: *Right! This is all surmountable!*

Narcissa: *it had better be!*

Lucius: *Of course, of course.. (and maybe if very worst comes, he can accidentally come to fatal injury somewhere at the Ministry, so we can collect on insurance and sue.. .) *

Lucius: *But that one I Really won't mention to his mother.*

Narcissa: *No. No you won't.*

Lucius: *I know better!*
Lucius: *Bwa. ^_^ Proof I am not an idiot!::

Narcissa: *indeed*
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