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Character Introduction: Daphne Greengrass

Name: Daphne Greengrass
Age: 19
Alumnus of Slytherin House
Appearance: 5'6", about 110 lbs, dark hair, hazel eyes.

Daphne is a pureblood witch, of a rather low to middle-income class family. Very close interbreeding unwittingly allowed hemophilia to enter her bloodline. Her mother is a carrier of the disease, and her father died of it. Daphne became one of the rare females who contracted the disorder because of this. Though her case is one of the milder forms, Daphne is very paranoid about injuring herself. She did not participate in flying lessons, for instance. Nor does she spend much time out of doors, engaging in activities which she believes may cause internal bleeding (and, in her mind, impending death). While spending time in the infirmary at school, or in her home, Daphne was able to come up with countless elaborate ways that she might die. She has a rather morbid fixation with it. She is not, however, entirely doom and gloom. She enjoys making clothes (though if she pricks herself with a needle she is liable to take to her bed for the rest of the day, out of paranoia) and she often fashions her own jewelry. She has a fascination with gemstones. Not necessarily for their intrinsic value or magical properties, but mostly because she finds them to be pretty.

Daphne, perhaps because of her morbid paranoias, has a flair for the dramatic. She loves gossip. She loves theater. She loves stories and performances. She is currently working on an internship at the broadcast station for the Wizarding Wireless Network in Edinburgh.

AIM: Lessergreyshades
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