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Logs - Vinnie/Millie Date

Vinnie_C: *so! Will pick her up?*

HostileHarpy: *you best*
HostileHarpy: *^_^*
HostileHarpy: *will have done her best to look... as pretty as she can? Too-heavy makeup around the eyes, a hairband*

Vinnie_C: *has actually bought a set of robes that is not completely threadbare .... still used, but in good repair, if in a rather drab khaki/olive sort of color, and has combed down the hair as best he can*

HostileHarpy: *has new robes... in eggplant*
HostileHarpy: *black and eggplant. Looks like a bruise*

Vinnie_C: *beautiful <3333 ... and has a white box with him when he picks her up, which he'll shyly hand to her*

HostileHarpy: What's this then? *demands*
HostileHarpy: *will start opening the box*

Vinnie_C: Well, I know girls usually like them, and I fought ... *rubbing the back of his neck ... and the box contains a red rose, with some baby's breath, attached to a hair clip* The bloke at the shop said they're charmed to not wilt.

HostileHarpy: *beams, but will temper it quickly* I already got something in my hair, don't I?

Vinnie_C: Yeh don't have ter wear it now, if yeh don't want.
Vinnie_C: You're awfully pretty like you are.

HostileHarpy: Right good of you to say, Vincent. *Hee.*

Vinnie_C: Well, you are. *heh, smiles, though* You got floo here, yeh?

HostileHarpy: Yeah. From the lobby.

Vinnie_C: Okay. ... d'you, um ... French is supposed to be good, isn't it?

HostileHarpy: Snails in sauce last I checked.

Vinnie_C: They eat snails? *a bit horrified*

HostileHarpy: Yeah. Frogs, too.
HostileHarpy: Bad as what goes in potions.

Vinnie_C: That's disgustin'.
HostileHarpy: Professor Snape is prob'ly French.

Vinnie_C: * ... had planned to take her out for French, because it's somethign the Malfoy's go to, but Merlin! Yuck*
Vinnie_C: * ... heh*
Vinnie_C: Prob'ly, wiv what he puts in fings.

HostileHarpy: Let's do Italian.

Vinnie_C: *nods? ... then, a bit sheepishly* D'you know any places?

HostileHarpy: *considers* There's a place not six blocks down, bit dodgy as far as streets go but bloody good garlic bread.

Vinnie_C: Well, expect we can deal wiv anyone who'd bother us. *grins* Try that, then?

HostileHarpy: *nods, smiling*

Vinnie_C: *alright! offer her his arm, then, and they can walk there?*

HostileHarpy: *they can*

Vinnie_C: I'm sorry it took me awhile to talk t'yeh again, after I first asked yeh out.

HostileHarpy: Why did it?

Vinnie_C: Well, first I wanted ter find a place, and then ... well, me 'n' Greg, we had to help out *lowers his voice* Pettigrew wiv a fing.

HostileHarpy: What thing?

Vinnie_C: *not really supposed to tell ... but this is Millie! /'.'\* There was this guy. I guess he was one of us, yeh know? But he'd be talkin' to the Ministry. An' Pettigrew wanted ter ask 'im some questions ...

HostileHarpy: Yeah? *lowering her voice*

Vinnie_C: *a bit of excitement* He's going ter, I mean, he's planning on breaking some people out of Azkaban, maybe. Now that the dementors are gone. And this guy knew somefin about it.

HostileHarpy: Yeah? But... they got zombies and shit there don't they, now?

Vinnie_C: *nods* I guess so, but Pettigrew say those are easier ta get past. Especially if ya know somone on ther inside. He got some names from this bloke.

HostileHarpy: Who all is he going to spring?

Vinnie_C: I dunno. He said Lucy, but I don't know who else. He said it might be hard to get a lot, easier to do a few, or one. I don' even know who's still in. :-\

HostileHarpy: Me neither.

Vinnie_C: I don' even know how he's going ta do it. He said we might be able to help, though. he said we did good wiv this bloke. *smiles, proud*

HostileHarpy: What did you do?

Vinnie_C: Mostly held him down. For ... *wrinkles his brow, trying to think of the words* Sike-a-mological? Effect. And busted some fings up, helped arrange the body.

HostileHarpy: Kill him?

Vinnie_C: Pettigrew did. Said he need ter leave an example.

HostileHarpy: Oh. *that makes sense*

Vinnie_C: *slightly hesitant* It was a bit bloodier than I expected.

HostileHarpy: Yeah?

Vinnie_C: Yeh. Pettigrew ... well, I guess he really knows what he's doing.

HostileHarpy: Must do.

HostileHarpy: *and here we are at the restaurant*

Vinnie_C: *oh, yeah, probably shouldn't talked about abetting a murder in restaurant ... hold the door for her* Anyway, we were waiting around ta see when that was going ter happen, and then I had to go kick the snot out of Neville Longbottom, and I wanted to go get yer flower.

HostileHarpy: *might not want to, yeah* Ta.
HostileHarpy: Why'd Davis have you beat up Longbottom?

Vinnie_C: Oh, he cursed her. Made her fall in love wiv him, so he could. You know. The he dropped her flat. *scowls* That's not right.

HostileHarpy: *frowns...Who'd put a love curse on Davis? S'as bad as putting one on Pansy Parkinson. Or ... Hermione Granger. Or someone else who was essentially stuck up and intolerable.* Naw. S'not right.

Vinnie_C: *well, we all know Neville Longbottom is a bit daft*

Vinnie_C: So I hit him a few times and kicked him a bit. Those Gryff's are still bloody cocky.

HostileHarpy: *there's a notion to get behind* Yeah. Yeah, they fucking are.
HostileHarpy: Good on you, then.
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