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On Playing Parties... Big Events, etc.

Hello! As most of you know, I've been trying to get the ball rolling on Cinderella!Draco (and just in case I link this game to any new people who might be considering joining -- we are not actually turning Draco into Cinderella... I'm just trying to be clever, please do not run away). Essentially, there may be a few snags. Sure, there are big gaping holes in our Taken Characters list, but that isn't most of it. There's also the fact that we have about 4 1/2 players in the game (ahem, Raechel) and two of us play far too many of the untaken characters. I'm worried about keeping the colored text straight in a chat. I'm worried about finding time to play the party scene in a chatroom where we can all be there, what with very full rpg plates already, and different schedules. So, what should we do? What do you guys think? Here are our options as I can come up with in the ten minutes before I run to Yoga:

We can just forge ahead. At some point there's bound to be a time when we can all be pulled into a chat, and surely the characters can sort themselves out from there. There was a bit of confusion at Hermione's picnic, and the scene got dropped without really getting finished, but it still worked out okay, didn't it? It might take us a while to play the whole scene though, over several meetings. Side stuff can probably be played through IM, and then there can be log-posting or log-swapping so that people know where everyone is. It might be a little scattered but it is doable.

We can forge ahead with some alterations. I can put up a description of the party as though it were a setting/location here, setting up the characters I've established in my head for this scenario, and then when people are online they can play as they want. Starting chats when we can. We are a small group, so it shouldn't be difficult. Again, there'd be posting of logs so that people know where everyone is.

We can add the 3rd person rp aspect to the game. As much as I hate clutter and complication. I'm unfamiliar with it still and find it a touch awkward, but there are some undeniable benefits I'm seeing to it. Gwyn would be able to make a few scene contributions from work, sometimes, for instance. People can move the scene forward matter who else is online. It would mean a shitload of new LJs, though, and possibly a new community. I may also have to try recruiting new people into the game to take unplayed characters (and you all know how bad I am at recruiting). The bulk of the work would be placed on me, I think. I've a light load this semester and am willing to do it, though, if we want to try. The scene might still take forever, but that's liable to happen anyway. It'd be easier to keep everyone straight. Certain main/bulk things can be established, and then pairings or private conversations can be taken to IM, maybe.

I am running late to class so I'll leave it up to you guys. What do you think? What do you suggest?
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