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Hermione Granger

Hermione comes upon a crime scene

<gwynbones: *so, Hermione will get an owl from Hatherly, asking her to meet him at the Barking Dog once again*
KittyAtCSUS: *will be there promptly at the appointed time, looking rather pleased, alert, and attentive as she sits*
gwynbones: *smiles as she sit, though briskly* Miss Granger. It has been some time since I heard from you. I trust you have been well?
KittyAtCSUS: *nods* Very well, Mr. Hatherly, for the most part.
gwynbones: Since you sent no word, I assume your interview with Miss Zapata *the girl who witnessed Hatherly's break-in* bore no fruit?
KittyAtCSUS: No. Rather dismal experience, Sir. Entirely uncooperative after approached from various angles.
gwynbones: I see. Disappointing. *thoughtfully, with a frown* And unexpected. I suppose our investigations shall have to proceed at a different angle.
KittyAtCSUS: Perhaps someone talked her out of cooperating before I could reach her.
gwynbones: That may be. Certainly, we cannot ignore any angle, though putting a watch on her house. *shakes his head* I think I may have a more effecacious avenue for you to look into, Miss Granger/
gwynbones: *.
KittyAtCSUS: *leans a bit forward, interested. Taking out a notepad*
gwynbones: A certain ... contact I have has also been out of touch. For longer than usual. My owls have gone unanswered. It would not be wise to approach him personally, considering my enemies in your department. You, however, as yet unaffiliated, would be perfectly safe to do so.
KittyAtCSUS: *nods* What do you want me to find out?
gwynbones: Why he has been out of contact. If he knows about the ransacking of my house. He is one of the sets of initials you so chafed about.
KittyAtCSUS: *bristles slightly at the chafed remark* Is he relatively accepting of strangers approaching his house?
gwynbones: He should be alright, if you identify yourself, and tell him I sent you.
KittyAtCSUS: *smiles a bit* Much easier that way. Name and address?
KittyAtCSUS: *quill poised, hoping to at least get half the name. awkward saying hi to someone whose name you don't know*
gwynbones: Andris Kráslavas. 23 Lapham Circle, in Heacha. That's Norfolk.
KittyAtCSUS: *jots it down quickly, memorizing his pronounciation* Shall I go today or would you rather I wait?
gwynbones: *has impeccable pronounciation, of course* Within the next few days. It may not be anything pressing, but, still, better safe than sorry.
KittyAtCSUS: Of course. Is that all you'd like me to do for now?
gwynbones: *nods* Hopefully what information you glean will suggest other leads to follow up on. I encourage you to use your initiative.
KittyAtCSUS: Just don't want to overstep my bounds. I'll send you a full report as soon as I've spoken to him.
gwynbones: Excellent. I'll eagerly await your findings, then. *inclining his head, pleased smile*
KittyAtCSUS: *smiles back, really quite agreeable and centered on work today* If that's all, I should go.
gwynbones: It is. I have matters to tend to myself. I shall bid you good evening, then, Miss Granger.
KittyAtCSUS: *puts her notebook carefully back in her bag, stands up* Good evening, Mr. Hatherly.
gwynbones: *stand for her politely*
KittyAtCSUS: *hurries out, will do an hour or so of looking at maps of the area to see the easiest way to get in and out*
gwynbones: *Kráslavas lives in a residential area, of middling income ... appears to be the small wizarding neighborhood in Heacham ... no back routes in anywhere, really, and neighbors to either side*
KittyAtCSUS: *would floo as close as possible and then apparate to somewhere nearby and concealed, lots of note-taking materials, wand in her pocket, one hand on it as she walks up to the house*
gwynbones: *there's a public floo stop a few blocks down, so that shouldn't be a problem ... the house is very unassuming, dingy white affair, two stories, with a sad little lawn and no fence, just a little path up to the porch*
KittyAtCSUS: *looks it over a minute, making sure she has the right adress, before walking up to the door and ringing the bell*
gwynbones: *no answer, though the bell itself will start with a normal chime and then sort of trail off to an odd buzzing noise*
KittyAtCSUS: *steps away from the bell, knocking this time, rather loudly*
gwynbones: *door will creak open slightly at the knocking ... was half latched, but the force of it, swings it in slightly*
KittyAtCSUS: *blushes, guess I should go in. Calls in first* Mr. Andris Kráslavas?
gwynbones: *no answer, but very, very faint creaking noise*
KittyAtCSUS: *draws her wand and steps in, looking around* Hello?
gwynbones: *the entrance way has a line of coat hooks along the right side, on which is hung an old grey cloak, though in good condition .... it's like a narrow hallway that opens out into a slightly wider room, with some stairs at the end of it ... visible directly from the door is a figure hanging, bound by white cords of some sort, over the stairs, apparently suspended from the upper blacony. The figure is in brown robes, though there appears to be a darker stain over the front ... head is slumped down so the face isn't visible, lank dark, grey-flecked hair*
KittyAtCSUS: *lets out a soft cry, covering her mouth tightly with her free hand, looking around quickly, wand held tight, though it doesn't look as if anyone would still be here*
gwynbones: *just from the entranceway, she'll be able to see that things have been smashed up in here ... broken glass spilling out one of the doorways, on the floor, smashed frames from pictures on the floor ... but there's no other sound, and the smell ... blood and a bit of rot, indicates that the body might have been here at least a day or two*
KittyAtCSUS: *steps delicately deeper into the house, careful not to disturb anything. Observing it all, taking notes for Hatherly. Avoids looking at the dead body.*
gwynbones: *the large room at the foot of the stairs has the mirror in it, smashed, though the frame still hangs on the wall. There's a small end table here, with an address book, parchment for messages ansd a quil and ink ... two doorway, one to the right, and one to the left, and the hall past the stairs which looks as though it might lead into a kitchen*
KittyAtCSUS: *looks over the parchment, seeing if anyone's written messages or even scribbles*
gwynbones: *there are a few notes, though they're not in English .. short, with some obvious names, "Kratchow", "Ekaterina", "Mendelson", one floo address that seems to be to a pub*
KittyAtCSUS: *takes them down meticulously, can decipher the language later. heads down the hall*
gwynbones: *pass by the body, where the smell is much riper ... that's what the creakign noise is, the sound of the cords as the body sways just slightly in the draft from the door ... and it does lead into a kitchen ... the damage here is much more haphazard, mostly just a table and the two chairs in the room tipped over, some dishes broken ... milk bottle busted on the floor, smells rancid*
KittyAtCSUS: *wrinkles her nose, jotting down these notes quickly and back out once more. heads to the right, trying to do this quickly but thoroughly*
gwynbones: *to the right appears to be a study ... bookshelves, a small couch, and a desk ... more smashed pictutres, and a lot of books on the floor ... a few brass intruments of some type, that look like they've been bent slightly, but to sturdy to do too much damage to ... and a whole lot of blood on thr floor, dried, mostly, in a poll, but spattered throughout the room ... even a few sprays on the ceiling ... all centered around a cleared area in the debris*
KittyAtCSUS: *takes down all the details she can, filling her notebook pages, learned how to write entirely too fast in school, trying to find some sort of pattern*
gwynbones: *the books are mostly in what might be Russian, but could be something other Slavic language ... one of the brass instruments is definitely some sort of sextant, if she's seen them before, another might be a spyglass ... the desk is a roll-top that's open, rifled through, but still has lots of pepers left in it, and the drawers are still closed ... soem bloody hand prints on the floor near the blood pool*
KittyAtCSUS: *knows she should be reporting this, but committed to getting notes for hatherly first. backtracks and goes into the room on the left*
gwynbones: *living room ... china cabinet with lots of glass fragments everywhere ... almost dangerous to walk in here there's so much smashed glass*
gwynbones: *couch is embedded with it ... wireless thrown against a wall and smashed*
gwynbones: *couple of plants dying on the floor in piles of dirt*
KittyAtCSUS: *looks around, not wanting to walk in and disturb all the damage*
gwynbones: *another busted table, too, with a few of the legs snapped off, no longer in the room*
gwynbones: *but not blood*
gwynbones: *just smells like dirt from the plants*
KittyAtCSUS: *steps back into the hall, walking toward the stairs, extremely glad she hasn't really eaten today, this being the first time she's been at a murder scene*
gwynbones: *body just swings gently, but the smell is overpoweringly awful*
KittyAtCSUS: *holds a handful of her robes to her face, willing herself to go up the stairs anyway, not looking at the body, watching the stairs*
gwynbones: *she'll have to physically move it aside to get past it, it's directly in the middle, and the stairs are narrow*
KittyAtCSUS: *hm. can't really move it without disturbing the scene, backtracks once more, taking a few notes on the body itself*
gwynbones: *if she actually looks at it, she'll see there's something horribly wrong with the face*
KittyAtCSUS: *forces herself to look, examining it*
gwynbones: *hard to see, with the head slumped down, but closer examination will reveal that most of the skin has been stripped off the face ... most of the flesh, too, leaving some bits of bone exposed, though they're still caked with dired blood ... the nose has been hacked off entirely, and some of the flesh dug out from there ... and there's something sticking out of the mouth ... *
KittyAtCSUS: *gags slightly, but forces herself to deal with it and peers closely at the mouth*
gwynbones: *hiss noise, and sudden movement, dartign towards her face!*
gwynbones: *darting
KittyAtCSUS: *ducks quickly, casting a stunning spell. Has reflexes at least*
gwynbones: *the thing drops limply ... a snake, some sort of adder, dangling from the mouth, most of the body apparently curled up inside it*
KittyAtCSUS: *stares at it, sketching it, identifying it as close as she can. looks up the stairs, wondering if she should just apparate past the body*
gwynbones: *dark colored, fat bodied, fangs, stunned with it's mouth open ... there's a landing at the top that could be apparated to*
KittyAtCSUS: *then will apparate past and onto the landing, hoping for no other living things*
gwynbones: *doesn't seem to be anything moving up here ... three doors, two to bedrooms, and one to a bathroom*
KittyAtCSUS: *heads for the bathroom first*
gwynbones: *mirror smashed and the top of toilet tank cracked, but otherwise not disturbed*
KittyAtCSUS: *few notes and heads for the guest bedroom*
gwynbones: *may not be a guest bedroom! The first bedroom, though, has a twin bed, vanity (smashed mirror), some smashed pictures, porcelain figurines that have been smashed, and the stench of urine ... soft, pastel greens and some avender in here, fairly feminine*
gwynbones: *lavender
KittyAtCSUS: *looks at it all, writing furiously, just trying to breathe solely through her mouth in this house*
gwynbones: *some posters ripped off the wall ... photos on the floor, family memebers? There is a dark haired man who might be Kráslavas, with a teenage girl, also dakr haired*
KittyAtCSUS: *describes them in depth before making her way to the other bedroom*
gwynbones: *and this is obviously the master bedroom, again, everythign smashed ... the bed upended and shoved up against the wall, some of the carpet actually ripped up ... and here are the tow missing table legs, which apparently used to rip up the carpet*
KittyAtCSUS: *sighs, not really understanding the meaning of the violence. thinking there probably isn't any but takes it all down*
gwynbones: *doesn't seem to be rhyme or reason to it, just ... destruction ... and it's hard to tell what might be missing if it's not known what was in the house originally*
KittyAtCSUS: *stands in the hall a moment, trying to think. Decides she probably has what she needs, and might get sent back here later anyhow*
gwynbones: *the house is silent, except for that creaking, and the faint sound of paper blowing across the floor from the draft from the door*
KittyAtCSUS: *apparates back to the door and shuts it from the inside, thinking it best to apparate back to the floo she came from*
gwynbones: *probably a good thought*
KittyAtCSUS: *puts her notes carefully in her bag and apparates out of there to the nearest owl post office, scrawls a frantic sounding assertion of the terrible scene and owls it to the ministry so they'll know*
gwynbones: *anonymous?*
KittyAtCSUS: *of course*
KittyAtCSUS: *makes her way home quickly and as inconspicuously as possible to write an owl to Hatherly*
gwynbones: *who will owl her back in few hours* "Granger, I cannot speak to you right now. I will owl you when we can meet. Please remember to be discreet. Your work is invaluable. Hatherly"*
KittyAtCSUS: *and will work on compiling it into a coherent report for him, which will probably be rather long but only for detail's sake. Hoping the snake is unstunned by now, as that could look bad*>

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