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Hermione talks to Ms. Ingersknoll

Charlotta (11:23:10 PM): *so, Hermione will get an owl responding to hers: "Miss Granger,
I have free time on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 4 pm to 4:45. You may meet me at the Hogsmeade library.
Charlotta Ingersknoll"*
Hermione (11:25:40 PM): *will be there Tuesday then, looking rather decent and sophisticated to make a good impression, her purse full of parchment and quills*
Charlotta (11:29:20 PM): *and you will have to find me, since I don't know what you look like ... is not a tall woman, but gives the aura of being bigger than she actually is, slender ... not looking much different than her picture, though a few decades older: sharp face, greying blonde hair, understated robes that aren't incredibly expensive, but definitely not cheap, in a faded grey-blue ... is sitting at a small table near the entrance, reading a book, glasses perched on her nose*
Hermione (11:30:53 PM): *walks up, determined to look sure of herself* Ms. Ingersknoll?
Charlotta (11:31:40 PM): *doesn't actually lift her head, but will flick her eyes up, look at Hermione over her glasses* Yes? ... You must be Miss Granger.
Hermione (11:33:14 PM): Yes. *extends her hand warmly* It's a pleasure to meet you.
Charlotta (11:34:51 PM): *remove her glasses from her nose ... they hang around her neck by a delicate chain, and will stand up, shake her hand ... has cold hands, slender fingers with big knuckles, but her handshake is polite enough* I daresay. *hint of a smile* I don't often get inquiries from women your age.
Hermione (11:35:49 PM): Perchance people of my generation don't spend enough time looking back at the recent past. *smiles*
Charlotta (11:37:32 PM): Genealogy is hardly only concerned with the recent past.
Hermione (11:38:31 PM): The articles that led me to you were, Ms. Ingersknoll. They were quite fascinating.
Charlotta (11:43:42 PM): I see. *she nods at the seat across from herself at the table as she sits down again* Which articles were these?
Hermione (11:45:41 PM): *sits down, folding her hands in her lap* I've read all the work you've done for the Prophet, but your work on the Death Eater Trials and their families is what primarily interested me.
Charlotta (11:46:59 PM): ... ah. You're one of those, I see. Are you an auror or an independent reporter?
Hermione (11:48:31 PM): *blushes slightly* Neither, yet. I've just been researching some events and people as of late.
Charlotta (11:51:54 PM): But you didn't write to me out of pure curiosity.
Hermione (11:52:33 PM): I wrote to you because there are holes in my research and, from what I've read, you'd be fully capable of filling them in for me.
Charlotta (11:54:21 PM): *raise an eyebrow delicately, faint smile* Well, why don't you tell me what you're researching first. Death Eaters, yes? Which ones, and why?
Hermione (11:56:44 PM): Andris and Jelena Kráslavas are the primary subjects, and I'm researching them because *just comes out with it* his death seemed suspicious. But I wasn't assigned to do this.
Charlotta (12:05:00 AM): His death. You know something about that?
Hermione (12:05:36 AM): I do work for the Ministry and have an overly inquisitive mind, Ms. Ingersknoll.
Hermione (12:06:33 AM): I've read the reports.
Charlotta (12:08:11 AM): I see. ... Miss Granger, I'll be frank. I don't believe you are doing this simply because you are 'overly inquisitive'. People rarely, if ever, go to so much effort to merely assuage curiosity. I will be happy to answer your questions, if you, in return, answer mine.
Hermione (12:09:13 AM): *smirks slightly* You would laugh if you knew all the inane things I've researched for very little reason, but what are your questions precisely?
Charlotta (12:12:36 AM): I'd like to know more about Bezlepkin's death.
Hermione (12:13:21 AM): Such as?
Charlotta (12:14:32 AM): The particulars. How he died. Who is posited to have done it, though obviously there are no solid leads yet. The paper was maddeningly vague.
Hermione (12:16:59 AM): He was hung, and I have no more leads than anyone else at this point.
Charlotta (12:17:38 AM): You know more than that.
Hermione (12:18:51 AM): He was hung in his home, over his stairs with a live snake in his mouth.
Charlotta (12:19:31 AM): *hand up to play with the ear piece of her glasses* What kind of snake?
Hermione (12:20:24 AM): An adder of some form. I'm not sure of the breed.
Charlotta (12:40:24 AM): *nods thoughtfully*
Charlotta (12:40:38 AM): I see. I may have other questions later.
Charlotta (12:40:45 AM): What exactly do you want to know, Miss Granger?
Hermione (12:44:00 AM): I'd like to know how and why he was affiliated with the Death Eaters, why he wasn't tried, and if you have any idea who might be after him now. There's just so little information in print, in any language I know.
Charlotta (12:51:29 AM): That's quite a lot you want to know. *considers Hermione* I don't know all of it. Maybe not even most. And some of what I could offer you is hearsay.
Hermione (12:52:11 AM): At this point, I'm sad to say that hearsay would be a vast improvement. It may at least give me a new track to pursue.
Charlotta (12:53:09 AM): And pursuing this is important to you?
Hermione (12:53:50 AM): Yes. I believe there's something important behind it.
Charlotta (12:57:23 AM): You don't get much more important than the Death Eaters in our world. Very well. Where should I begin?
Hermione (12:58:59 AM): Wherever you like. Do you mind if I take notes?
Charlotta (1:15:07 AM): You may if you like.
Charlotta (1:15:26 AM): I suppose you'd like the background first.
Charlotta (1:15:34 AM): What do you know about Andris's family?
Hermione (1:19:02 AM): *speaking as she takes out parchment and quill* Only that they're a very old Latvian family, named very often and secretively in relation to necromancy, apparently very skilled in the necromantic arts. His mother Jelena wrote an incredibly fascinating but maddeningly complicated article on the subject, and human existence as a whole.
Charlotta (1:21:58 AM): She wrote a good deal more than that. Somewhat prolific, the woman was. *nodding slowly* Yes, you have the broad points. Do you know much about the necromantic arts?
Hermione (1:23:03 AM): I've read a few volumes on the subject, but it was a few years ago.
Charlotta (1:28:57 AM): You've probably covered the more basic writings, then. Calling spirits, raising dead corpses as revenants, that sort of thing?
Hermione (1:30:04 AM): *nods* Of course.
Charlotta (1:32:57 AM): *nods* What you may be more peripherally aware of, and one of the reasons necromancy borders on a dark art, is because of the manipulation of the soul that a powerful wizard or witch can accomplish. Jelena was particularly interested in this aspect of the arts.
Hermione (1:33:46 AM): *writes down a few words* Power like that is alluring to many.
Charlotta (1:36:14 AM): Of course it is. Necromancy deals with the very threads of life itself, and what makes us human. It is a great temptation. Luckily, it is also an exceedingly difficult skill to learn.
Charlotta (1:36:42 AM): Jelena was well versed in the arts. How much practical power she had ... well, that's a question, isn't it? Perhaps no one but her son would know that for sure.
Hermione (1:37:06 AM): *raises an eyebrow slightly* They were close?
Charlotta (1:38:08 AM): He was, by all accounts, the baby of the family, and much favored. They looked something alike.
Hermione (1:38:48 AM): *nods, scribbling down in her own form of shorthand*
Charlotta (1:39:36 AM): Apparently, the Death Eaters approached Jelena first, and were turned down. The details of that are unclear ... and it really is only rumor. But a good guess, as they came to the son, next.
Hermione (1:41:07 AM): *listens intently, trying not to interrupt and just listen*
Charlotta (1:44:27 AM): Now Andris *settling her voice into a sort of lecturing tone* did not do well in school ... he went to Durmstrang, of course ... but did apparently have some practical talent. He was known to associate with Dolohov, which I'm sure you remember was one of those who ended up in Azkaban.
Hermione (1:45:00 AM): *nods, falling easily back into attentive student mode*
Charlotta (1:46:57 AM): The two apparently had a falling out after school, however, and were not linked again until much later. It was some years after Andris finished school that he, it is believed, was approached by the Dark Lord. He disappeared for a time, and when he reappeared, there was a quite noisy and public row with his mother. She claimed he shamed the family, and he was disowned, as it were.
Hermione (1:47:45 AM): *bites her lip thoughtfully but doesn't let her mind wander*
Charlotta (1:50:27 AM): Andris was never publicly linked with any Death Eaters, but he was a known sympathizer. Still, so were many of us. he did legitimate work, holding a minor government position in his native Latvia. He never officially emigrated to Britain, but he was friends with a wizard here and there, and visited often.
Charlotta (1:50:51 AM): Then, perhaps a year or so before the Dark Lord's fall, Andris disappeared once more.
Charlotta (1:51:14 AM): This is when I believe, he was doing that man's bidding. Developing something for him, though no one knows what, exactly it was.
Hermione (1:51:33 AM): *careful not to react at the word us, but obviously getting more intrigued*
Charlotta (1:54:30 AM): There are certain guesses that can be made, of course. Something to do with necromancy. Something to do with the soul. It is known that he managed to claim several quite old volumes from his mother's library.
Charlotta (1:54:54 AM): *gives her an almost challenging look ... you can make the connection?*
Hermione (1:56:29 AM): *meets her look with a little grin* Hence V- the Dark Lord not dying completely from his rebounded curse.
Charlotta (1:57:48 AM): *nods, a hint of a smile* Very good. Yes, this is what is theorized. Such magic would be Dark indeed, though ... cheating death always requires something of a sacrifice.
Hermione (1:58:49 AM): Of course.
Charlotta (2:00:45 AM): I wonder if we'll ever know, now, with the man's death? *she taps her finger to her glasses, then continues* So, you'll want to know how he escaped trail and prison?
Hermione (2:02:29 AM): *raises an eyebrow* That would make it rather difficult to interrogate him. I'd most definitely like to know how he slipped away from all accusation.
Charlotta (2:04:25 AM): This is, again, venturing into the realm of rumor, guesses, and hearsay. What I do know for certain is that he was arrested for questioning, fairly late into things. Why he didn't leave the country, I don't know. He was in the Ministry's custody for slightly over 24 hours, before being released, a very short time. What does that imply to you?
Hermione (2:06:08 AM): Either he told them exactly what they wanted to hear as a deal, or he knows how to get around veritaserum and told them nothing so they'd deem him useless.
Charlotta (2:07:49 AM): All that in only a day?
Hermione (2:08:55 AM): It's possible. It's also possible that he's got friends in high places. *which is why I'm even here*
Charlotta (2:10:57 AM): Yes. Many things are possible, indeed. *she nods, though, and that just might be a hint of approval* Regardless, instead of returning home, as one would expect, he chose to stay in Britain. It was at this point that he took on his mother's surname. That information in and of itself was difficult to come by.
Charlotta (2:11:18 AM): The Ministry had put a block on all inquiries about the man. He and several other accused Death Eaters.
Hermione (2:12:00 AM): Protecting the formerly accused?
Charlotta (2:13:12 AM): *nods* it's not surprising. After all, some of these accused were members of wealthy families. Scions, some.
Hermione (2:14:24 AM): Allowances are always made for those that can afford them *Malfoy*
Charlotta (2:15:59 AM): Indeed. It's always been something of a problem. Especially with a so-called free press.
Charlotta (2:16:19 AM): I've made a few inquiries in past years about Andris, but I've come up with very little.
Charlotta (2:16:42 AM): Whoever was protecting him, or whatever, it is still in place.
Hermione (2:17:52 AM): *nods* I'm not sure the paper mentioned that the house was ransacked. Things were broken without rhyme or reason, but not stolen.
Charlotta (2:20:28 AM): The paper said there was vandalism ... implied that things were stole. That's very interesting.
Charlotta (2:20:31 AM): *stolen
Hermione (2:21:21 AM): I think it was made to look like vandalism on purpose, but from the report, it seems that nothing was taken.
Charlotta (2:22:48 AM): Hmm. And the method implies some very definite reason,
Hermione (2:23:20 AM): Vandals don't take the time to tie a noose over your stairs.
Charlotta (2:23:39 AM): I'm afraid I can offer you very little about Andris more recent doings. He has kept his head low, so if he has been active with his old friends, it's been nothing obvious. *sighs*
Hermione (2:25:47 AM): Nevertheless, you've been very, very helpful.
Charlotta (2:27:30 AM): I hope so. I'm not sure what you intend to do with this ... research, but if you would, I'd like to know what comes of your investigations. I have been particularly interested in Andris for some time.
Hermione (2:29:12 AM): If I find anything further, and I think I know where to look next, I will keep you informed. Thank you again for agreeing to meet with me, Ms. Ingersknoll.
Charlotta (2:30:22 AM): *nods briskly, offers a hand* It has been enlightening, Miss Granger.
Hermione (2:31:30 AM): *shakes her hand* I will owl you if anything comes of this.
Charlotta (2:31:59 AM): Thank you. *gathering up her book*
Hermione (2:33:58 AM): *slips her parchment and quill back in her purse carefully, slipping it onto her shoulder thoughtfully. Has quite the night ahead of her* Good afternoon.
Charlotta (2:35:43 AM): *nods to her, and will head back further into the library, herself*
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