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Ginevra Weasley

Ginny never lets anyone know her first name (she hates it). She's 17, about to leave Hogwarts for good, forever, for ... well, for her parents' house, really. But hopefully not for too long! She has gone through career choices almosts as often as she's gone through boyfriends. She wanted to work in a magical creatures care shelter, she wanted to play professional quidditch (something none of her brothers has accomplished to date!), she wanted to do work with muggle relations, she wanted to breed thestrals, she wanted to open her own bookstore ... etc. Most recently she wanted to be a healer, and she's been on that path for the last two years. Despite doing pretty well in her classes, she's not so sure she wants to apprentice for up to five years before she touches her first patient, and is casting soulful looks back at Quidditch. After all, she's been Captain of the Gryffindor quidditch team for a year or two now, and they haven't been doing half bad! And, let's be honest, she wasn't doing that well. Balancing Quidditch, a career, and a boyfriend is hard work! But Ginny prevails -- largely because the boyfriend is in the same classes as she is, and isn't opposed to helping her out here and there. Now it's just time to make a few decisions...

Ginny is 5'4", the shortest member on the team -- including the team Seeker, who beats her by an inch and a half (she's a Chaser). Not a big girl by any stretch of the imagination. Brown eyes, bit-past-shoulder-length red hair, fading freckles from her childhood.
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