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Untaken Characters.

There has been a tiny bit of renewed interest in the game by outside people. Just in case anyone would like to join in, I'm making you a list of:
Untaken Canon Characters (these names are pulled from the lexicon)

The Younger Generation
Euan Abercrombie (in school)
Katie Bell (out)
Colin Creevey (out)
Dennis Creevey (in)
Seamus Finnigan (out)
Victoria Frobisher (your choice)
Geoffrey Hooper (your choice)
Angelina Johnson (in)
Andrew Kirke (out)
Natalie MacDonald (out)
Jack Sloper (your choice)
Alicia Spinnet (out)
Patricia Stimpson (out)
Dean Thomas (out)
Kenneth Towler (out)
Oliver Wood (out)

Malcolm Baddock (out)
Miles Bletchley (out)
__ Bole (out)
__ Derrick (out)
Marcus Flint (out)
Daphne Greengrass (out)
Terence Higgs (out)
__ Montague (out)
Theodore Nott (out)
Graham Pritchard (out)
Adrian Pucey (out)
C. Warrington (out)
Blaise Zabini (out)

Stewart Ackerley (out)
Terry Boot (out)
__ Bradley (out)
Mandy Brocklehurst (out)
Cho Chang (out)
Stephen Cornfoot (out)
Roger Davies (out)
Marietta Edgecombe (out)
S. Fawcett (out)
Anthony Goldstein (out)
Su Li (out)
Morag McDougal (out)
Orla Quirke (out)
Lisa Turpin (out)

Elanor Branstone (out)
Owen Cauldwell (out)
Justin Finch-Fletchley (out)
Wayne Hopkins (out)
Megan Jones (out)
Laura Madley (out)
__ Stebbins (your choice)
__ Summers (your choice)
__ Summerby (your choice)
Kevin Whitby (out) <-- Is anyone taking Kevin Whitby? Am I playing Kevin Whitby?

Random Students (put them anywhere):
K. Bundy
S. Capper
J. Dorny
__ Derek (out)
Emma Dobbs (out)
Eloise Midgen (out)
__ Moon (out)
Sally-Ann Perks (out)

There are also Fleur and Gabrielle Delacour, and assorted other Beauxbatons and Durmstrang students.

The Older Generation
Professors: Binns, Sprout, Madam Hooch, Madam Pomfrey... Oi, I'm tired.

There are a lot of names you can find. Scroll through the lexicon if you want to play an older character. (Here.) Just be sure that the character you choose is not dead (reminder: both Hagrid and Sirius are dead in our game, sorry. And Dumbledore, but that was a given).

Completely original characters are allowed, as well. Just pitch them to either me (AIM: TwilightSpeaks) or gwynbones (AIM: Gwynbones). I'm always the more nitpicky one, so if it passes my inspection, it'll probably pass Gwyn's. Meaning you'll have better luck if you come to me first. ;-)
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