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Locations. (Policy and Hogwarts)

In brainstorming for another, original RPG I might make in the future, I realized that it might be important to have a list of location and location descriptions up on the hub. This is pretty standard fare, actually, for RPGs, and I can't believe I've neglected until now.

If you would like to describe a particular location, you can put that description up here as well, through any character or through the ghost journal which you all have access to.

For instance one of the more obvious locations in this game is Hogwarts, the description of which might look like the following:

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Located in the North of Scotland and hidden by Muggles through probably quite a lot of various spells and wards. It appears to them to be uninteresting ruins, but is in actuality a castle of your typical castle variety -- i.e. very large, made of stone, and surrounded by a lake and forest areas. What is atypical about Hogwarts is of course the magic it is infested with. Its many stairways like to shift, rooms appear and disappear seemingly at their own will, paintings have lives of their own, the suits of armor that occasionally deck any of the many halls might laugh at you, and there is no end to the amount of magical mysteries inside. No one alive today knows all of Hogwart's secrets, though most of the school grounds have been mapped out by Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, the late James Potter, and the now-almost-equally late Sirius Black. Hogwarts and its grounds are full of living things. Ghosts, a squid in the lake, house-elves, at least one poltergeist, any amount of magical creatures and pests, etc. Throughout at least most of the year, it also houses human (and nonhuman, semi-human and quasi-human) staff and students. The Headmistress of the school is, of course, McGonagall (headmistress), but she doesn't have control over everything. Nor is she aware of all of the goings-on in Hogwarts.


There. See how that works? Now if anyone wants to play something in Hogwarts they have more of an idea of what they're doing. Someone else can tackle The Forbidden Forest.
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